About TVP

Our Purpose

We provide advisory and consultancy services to clients operating across the international oil and gas sector.

Our purpose is to add value, simply and efficiently.

We assist clients by providing:

* critical business insight and informed coaching

* highly experienced commercial and technical support

* hands on delivery.

Each Associate has a simple task, help organisations see strategic opportunity and implement solutions that drive simplicity and efficiency.

The goal, value delivery and incremental cash-flow.

Our Values



Our values reflect our deeply held belief that business is built on relationships, consequently our Associates always act with the highest level of integrity, respect the beliefs and competencies of others and act in a fair and principled manner.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and Transparency

Core to any relationship is trust. We seek to build trust through our values and our compliance culture. At the heart of this culture is our approach to potential Conflicts of Interest, if we are in doubt we will always declare. Our approach is transparent and is detailed in our General Terms of contract.

Can we be of assistance?

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