Agreement management

effective management of your agreements can reduce risk, improve efficiency of operation and increase alignment between the parties. TVP’s Associates have led reviews of the business processes underpinning the management of agreements and have identified millions of dollars of opportunity.

Agreement review

Despite the focus on business development, most organisations derive the majority of their value from the existing suite of agreements that govern their business relationships with third parties. In some cases the number of agreements can be substantial. Failure to recognize the value latent within these agreements is a lost opportunity. TVP’s forensic review, analyses your agreement(s), highlights opportunities and proposes interventions to secure cash and additional value.

Business cases

Determining the strategic rationale, risk profile and value drivers associated with investment or M&A decisions ahead of major commitment is crucial. TVP can provide an independent technical, economic and commercial challenge to the robustness of the business case.

Performance management

Ensuring adequate performance transparency to enable direct line of sight between strategy and financial performance is key. However many organisations lose this level of clarity as the PM systems and processes become overly cumbersome and burdensome. TVP’s Associates have designed, implemented and refined PM systems to provide the appropriate clarity sought by leadership.


The translation of strategy into action in a predictable fashion is the objective of any planning system. Despite this laudable ambition, plans invariably change and results are not met. TVP’s approach is to bring transparency to the factors driving misalignment and to propose intervention to improve plan attainment performance.

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