Not all assets or products are equal and understanding the competitiveness of each in the context of the wider business environment and corporate portfolio is essential. TVP’s Associates have direct experience of reviewing businesses and assets in a structured fashion, assessing the competitive ranking of each and proposing/implementing interventions. .


Targeting the right business development opportunity or asset/product rationalisation can be difficult with vested interests present and can distract the organisation from on-going operations. TVP’s Associates have direct experience of initiating and delivering asset disposals and acquisitions.


Simply cutting spend is unlikely to be adequate to deliver superior returns longer term. TVP’s Associates have systematically reviewed organisational structures and processes, identifying cost drivers, conflict and unintended consequences and aiding teams drive the necessary change.


Leading organisations through change needs careful planning, diligent execution and excellent communication. TVP Associates have planned and executed major transitions and have direct experience of the change process and the leadership necessary to take organisations through periods of uncertainty.


The policies, procedures and authorities implemented by an organisation can have unintended consequences; slowing decision making, driving cost and burdening the Balance Sheet. TVP systematically reviews the client’s processes, technical or business support, identifies conflict, unintended consequences and opportunities and provides clients with possible interventions. Historically these reviews have highlighted shortcomings in Delegations of Authority and Procurement processes leading to inventory build and poor working capital management.

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